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Stoner Witch

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  • Wow this is refreshing I don’t have to dredge through all of the reviews professing that ” LIMP DISKETTE ARE THE BEST BAND EVER!” or something like these guys suck because MTV doesn’t play their videos. I have all of the Melvins albums and this one is probably my favorite, I don’t know if it is their best but my favorite. I don’t usually go into detail about certain aspects of songs or music. To me it is good or horsesh*t. That being said you can’t go wrong with any of their records. I think for someone starting out this might be the one you want to get, so that you can kind of get the feel for how these guys like to create their own brand of music. Plus I think it has one of the more accesible songs in REVOLVE. Don’t get me wrong I fu*king love the track but it is probably one of their most radio friendly songs. Ofcourse I have never heard it on the radio. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, guess that is for another discussion!

    Posted on December 22, 2009