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Stoner Witch

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  • The other reviewers have gone out of their way to explain the feel of most of these songs.And for the most part they are right on.I just wanted to add ,that i think this is the best place for a newcomer to the Melvins ranks to start.I own or have heard pretty much everything they have done…and I think this is the perfect middle ground for the uninitiated.There are just enough hard sludge rockers here mixed with some of their more challenging and experimental material.Its obviously not a vast overview of what they do as a whole ,but I think it will give the listener a good idea of how “all over the musical map” these guys CAN be.Start here,go to “Houdini” for a slightly more commercial Melvins…then just strap yourself in for a musical ride of a lifetime with their other releases…

    Posted on December 22, 2009