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Storm of the Light's Bane

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  • It’s hard to find a lot of good music and nit-pick it out of all the low-end trash and junk out there. Dissection went right over my head at first. Perhaps one of few black metal bands I had never even heard of up until a few months ago (let alone listened to), a close friend introduced me to the band with a video of “Where Dead Angels Lie” being played live. I zoned out while watching it but took down the name of the band. She warned me “Dissection is addictive.” Since this album caught my notice and I picked it up, I cannot help but agree.

    Hands down, the first three “full” tracks (“Night’s Blood,” “Unhallowed,” and “Where Dead Angels Lie”) are among the absolute greatest metal songs ever written. More importantly, the remainder of tracks on the album fit in just as wonderfully. The occasional piano interlude really brings a sense of emotion and feeling to the album, even amidst all of Jon’s (R.I.P.) screams, growls, sinister whispers and the shearing guitars, bass, drums. It’s not your Dimmu Borgir sort of symphonic blend, but instead gives a colder feel to an already cold album. You can even feel it amidst the album’s gloom.

    And that is just the first album. What way to make it better than to include a re-mixed version of the album on disc 2 (for the most part, the album remains intact, and everything still clicks) and it even includes the track “Feathers Fell” mixed in with it.

    To further solidify the shear importance of this disc alone is the full inclusion of the “Where Dead Angels Lie” EP which includes both the demo for the EP’s title track, a previously unreleased track, and 2 amazing covers. And above all else, there are two more demos that were never before released: “Night’s Blood” and “Retribution – Storm of the Light’s Bane.”

    If you have never picked up this album and are any sort of fan of dark, black, extreme, or, hell, even technical metal, get it. Now. As soon as you can get your hands on it.

    Easily, one of the single most important albums of all time, even though it will be ignored by the vast majority of the world, and possibly even to a fair amount of the target audience.

    Hail Dissection, and Sleep In Flames, Jon!

    Favorite Tracks:

    - At The Fathomless Depths/Night’s Blood
    - Unhallowed
    - Where Dead Angels Lie
    - Feather’s Fell
    - Elisabeth Bathori (Tormentor Cover)
    - The Antichrist (Slayer Cover)

    Posted on December 24, 2009