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Storm of the Light's Bane

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  • I picked this up because of the cover and the description from a metal music web site. I was not disappointed. The music is melodic yet chaotic, loud, obnoxious, speedy, all the good things one would expect from the genre including the “Cookie Monster” vocals. The bonus disc has a remixed version of the original release with an extra song thrown in, plus after the regular album plays, there are multiple bonus tracks. This is a great collection and introduction to their sound. The only problem is that their creative force just offed himself. He was released a while back after spending time in jail on a murder conviction. Made a sort of comeback, but abruptly stopped the band and killed himself. I can’t help not thinking of all that crap as I listen to this. If that doesn’t bother you, I recommend this as a great introduction to melodic death. Recommended.

    Posted on December 24, 2009