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Storm the Gates of Hell (CD/DVD)

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  • I waited a few days to review this album and let the tracks really sink in. I went back to previous DH albums and was struck with the originality and quality of this new release. DH ’s writing and taking the extra time in the studio has paid off big time. There attention to detail really comes through. The tracks are a diverse mix of metallic riffs and dark melodies yet beautiful mix of metal/hardcore intensity.

    Lyrically this album is there best work even bringing Bruce Fitzbugh from Living Sacrifice. Ryan Clark effortlessly alternating between throat-shredding screams and powerhouse rock vocals. DH does what I like best, bringing Melody that’s often lacking in this genre.
    The music is inventive and well thought out. The album’s art is interesting particularly the way the booklet opens, and the back cover depicts the band wearing clerical collars.

    Picking a favorite song is difficult. Very rarely will I purchase a CD with all the tracks so listenable.I can’t stop listening to Carry Me down. Ryan stated in the DVD interview it was a song about how he saw his Funeral. It is a very powerfull and moving song. The DVD has about 20 minutes and features a documentary and the music video to Fading Away. I would think they would have put more on this DVD, another video perhaps.

    This is one of those rare CD’s you just can’t stop playing. The songs are infectious to the point of obsession. My only complaint is that the album in my opinion is slightly overproduced. I like some of the electronics however I prefer a more organic sound. Some of the guitar work should have been left alone or used more (ex; a guitar solo in the middle of Thread of Light would have been perfect.

    The DH team deserves accolades and success for there new CD. I’m unsure how they could top this new album, I just hope the boys have many more albums to bless us with.

    Posted on December 4, 2009