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Storm the Gates of Hell (CD/DVD)

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  • This my friend is the way Killswitch Engage Should have gone, idk if im the only one who notcied this but “radio Metal” is corrupting the former greats of Metal, now out of the shadows steps Demon Hunter one of the best Metal bands ever (my opion of course. This album is amazing and floored me on the first listen. Their last album was kinda dry and i got tired of it qick. this baby on the other hand i’ve been listing to since Nov when i bought it and it’s july 2008 now! so it’s one of a kind just an album that gives me hope for the positve metal sence. i say with in the next couple years DH is gonna go main stream and i hope they keep with the heavyness and tear the faces off all who appose them. 5 stars boys good job.

    Posted on December 5, 2009