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Storm the Gates of Hell (CD/DVD)

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  • Demon Hunter started their career with what is commonly accepted as their best album and one which the band will probably never top. After that the band changed their sound and with their new release, Storm the Gates of Hell, being their fourth album shows that they are now perfecting their changed sound.

    Storm the Gates of Hell feels to be far more mature than the prior released by this hard Christian metal band. This claim is evident when prying open the flaps of the album cover you can read “Hell hath no fury at all”. The fact that Demon Hunter is a Christian band can be felt more with this release compared to the past ones, however still not preachy.

    The songs are well written and this time around even contain a few guitar solos that the songs on the past albums desperately needed. The “growl” are vocals are still loud and aggressive and when singing with clean vocals they have more melody and do a better job of dodging an emo sound. This release also has two extra songs that are omitted on the regular release that make the album end much stronger. The bonus DVD is short but does have a nice pay off and is worth the extra couple of dollars. Demon Hunter is easily showing that whether Christian or not, they are a force to be reckoned with and will continue to compete with some of the best metal bands on the planet.

    Posted on December 5, 2009