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Storm the Gates of Hell

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  • Demon Hunter just keeps evolving… and each evolution gets better and better. And so it is with “Storm the Gates of Hell”. So few bands these days are growing musically and that’s why they fade away. Not so for our boys in DH. These guys just keep going and going and getting better and better. This release makes this point perfectly.

    This album is just as metal and brutal as ever. But, the song structure and vocals are better (read: mature). That’s the hallmark of a band composed of true musicians and not “rock stars”. They care about their music and their message. That’s rare in today’s rock world. But, that’s why DH will endure and continue to grow in populartiy and find favor with critics as well.

    In short this is a well written, well performed, well produced (thanks Aaron Sprinkle) heavy metal album. Once again, Demon Hunter pushes metal (both Christian and secular) forward and challenges the industry and fans with songs that others should aspire to. Brutal… attacking… melodic… hopeful.

    Buy this album… listen to it… you’ll realize why “Hell hath no fury at all”.

    Fave track pick (so far): Follow The Wolves

    Posted on January 29, 2010