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Storm the Gates of Hell

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  • When Demon Hunter put the first clip on myspace, alot of people feared the worst. Alot of fans posted comments, pleading for Demon Hunter to stay heavy. Not to turn thier backs on Metal. Soon after “Fading Away” showed up on Headbangers Ball. It sounded like Demon Hunter with a few new tricks. Then “Storm the Gates of Hell” came to myspace like a bomb, blowing some people’s fears to kingdom come. When my copy showed up in the mail yesterday(Deluxe Fan Edition) I went straight to Stereo and sat down to the length of the disc. After it was over, I decided that Demon Hunter was still hunting. Everyone got worked up over nothing.

    After a few more listens, I decided to describe it for those people who weren’t sure. The album sounds like a combination of “Summer of Darkness” and “Triptych”, closer to “Summer of Darkness”. But of course there are a few new tricks up thier sleeves. Mostly in the vocals. Ryan hitting higher notes, and lower lows in his screams. A darker metal approach I guess you could say. The music is Demon Hunter with, in some spots, a little touch of Pantera. I could clearly hear a loving tribute to Pantera’s “A New Level” and “Mouth for War” in there. Being a Pantera fan since 1993, I was thrilled. The Album itself is written and put together like every other one, except this time there are less ballad-esque, pretty songs(pretty much just “Carry me Down). This album is a Storm, as the title suggests. The version with the 2 extra tracks is worth getting. Hear them any way you can.

    Posted on January 29, 2010