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Stormblast MMV [Bonus DVD]

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Experience first-hand the abysmally-chilling, evil Nordic roots of Black Metal’s undisputed Kings – DIMMU BORGIR with their second full-length album, ”Stormblast”! Fully re-recorded at the infamous Abyss Studios by the legendary Peter Tagtgren (Children Of Bodom, Hypocrisy, Immortal) with Mayhem’s Hellhammer on drums, the U.S. edition features 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks as well as a bonus DVD-Live from Ozzfest 2004 (approximately 30 minutes running time).

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  • This was my second Dimmu album, after the rather stale Death Cult, and will likely remain my favorite. The songs are fast, intricate, and made complete with beautiful nuances absent on the first recording. Hellhammer’s drumming is super-precise, and the mixing of the record is perfect. The original songs are much slower and simpler, sounding much more like demo versions of 2005’s finished product. The title track is an epic masterpiece with its haunting outro and crystalline choruses textured with archaic cleans. Even the new song, Avmaktslave, is an excellent piece of songwriting and sits flush with the rest of the album, conveying a mood like a final, desperate battle.

    I hope whoever hears this album will not place it on the juvenile blackmetalometer, and judge it strictly as it should be judged – on its boundless musical value.

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The re-recording of Dimmu Borgir’s second album Stormblast is on the whole quite good. The drums sound great as well as the vocals. The production is crisp and the guitars are very prominent and heavy in the mix. I could have had a bit more keyboard though. My biggest gripe with the album is that they cut out the beautiful introduction to ‘Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen’. The two new tracks are both good but by no means spectacular. The one thing this release does not convey that the original did was atmosphere. The original release was gushing with mood and atmosphere while the production on this release almost erases that quality. Thus this release is by no means a replacement of the original, only a compliment. Still judged on its own terms its quite good, excellent even. In fact even though I prefer the original I find that I listen to this version more often. The bonus DVD is also quite excellent, the quality being noticeably better than their ‘World Misanthropy’ DVD. The performance was good and the sound excellent. Even the track selection was good (would have liked something from SBD though… Reptile perhaps?). Overall this is a worthwhile purchase for any Dimmu fan though not an album I would recommend for first time listeners. For those it is best to aquire Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, Spiritual Black Dimensions, Stormblast (1996) and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropy before proceeding to this release.

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I remember hearing the original ‘Stormblast’, and while I thought it was probably Dimmu Borgir’s defining statement as a band, I thought it could have been so much better with a proper production. Well, now we have it. This version doesn’t just refine the original, it surpasses it. The keyboards are vast and chilling, Shagrath’s vocals sound great, and the music itself represents Dimmu Borgir at their songwriting peak, which was lost in the suffocating, haphazard arrangements that were their last three albums. The only gripes I have (and they are minor) are that the lovely keyboard intro to ‘Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen’ was replaced by the sounds of a rainstorm, and ‘Sorgens Kammer’ was reworked into a song with vocals (go to, look up Dimmu Borgir, and they explain why they did this when you look at the album summary for the original ‘Stormblast’). But, all that aside, this is probably the best album Dimmu Borgir have done in years, even if it is a reworking of older material. Highly recommended.

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m not the first person to say that re-recording an undisputed classic album is a risky move, especially when nearly every fan states that this album was the apex of the band. (But kudos to the gentlemen for having a legitimate reason to do this, not just as money-making tool.) Fortunately, Shagrath and Silenoz had their heads on straight when this idea ran amok inside their heads. The re-recording of this album doesn’t seem forced or rushed in any way, and in my humble opinion, it came off far better than I ever expected.

    I’ll start with the positive. Obviously, the production is much thicker, and the sound is huge and epic. The guitars cut, the drums pack a walloping punch, and the synths add a nice background touch. Shagrath’s vocals are different here, but work perfectly. (Is it me, or does he sound more black metal than ever here?)Moments when the original album seemed to drag are now gone and have been replaced by adequately speeding up the tempo. Much of the CD seems more active than before, and there is not a lick of hum-drum plodding to be found. Hey, some of the songs have even been partially re-written, or the guitars have many hidden melodies to be found. Overall, it seems deeper than the original.

    But alas, there are some downfalls as well. Many of the original keyboard and piano parts composed by DB’s former keyboardist are now gone. (Many people are angry over the omission of the intro for “Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen”, which now consists of a few seconds of rain sounds.) The atmosphere is still here, and even a few things have been added, such as the choir on “Dodsferd”. Some of Hellhammer’s drum parts are too dazzling for their own good, though I was surprised that he actually decided to stick to the songs rather than make everything a total wankfest.

    However, the good outweighs the bad. My personal favorite from the original Stormblast, “Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav” is now beyond what I dreamt it would be. This recording still oozes with emotion and atmosphere. The classic title track is now more melodic, and the more plodding moments of the album have been filled with beautiful melodic guitar solos that were amiss on the original. “Da Den Kristne Satte Livet Till” is now the black metal anthem that it strived to be, and “Gud’s Fortalepse- Apenbaring ov Dommedag” has turned into the melodic yet apocalyptic frenzy which it was meant to be. All of the other tracks are beautiful and will exceed any naysayer’s premonitions.

    The new tracks are pretty good as well. “Avmaktslave” explodes with bombastic choirs and flurrying tremolo picking, and wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the band’s debut album. “Sorgens Kammer- Del II” is one of the most eerie things DB has done. Clean guitars resonate throughout the song, and guve a feeling of dread and paranoia. Even though the song is simplistic and quite repetitive, the atmosphere is so terrifying that you won’t notice. Shagrath’s venomous and distorted vocals sound the most evil they ever have in all his years, and the sound effects in the background make the song seem very vivid and real.

    Overall, I think this is one of the band’s greatest acheivements, albeit a ballsy one. Diehards will dismiss the clean production and speed, but for those who wanted something more out of the original, this is your chance to witness one of the greatest BM albums of the 90’s the way it was meant to be.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Let me start this out by saying that I have owned the original “Stormblast” for many years now and am incredibly familiar with it. Not only am I familiar with it, but it is my favorite Dimmu Borgir recording. I just love the raw production and the haunting synths. With all of that said, I didn’t much expect this re-recording to surpass the original, and it didn’t, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great package for any Dimmu Borgir fan. Here you get an updated version of the classic album. It’s really neat to listen to the updated version considering the fact that the production is much better and you’ll pick up on melodies that you had no idea were there. Everybody is in top-knotch form. Shagrath screeches from the heart, and Hellhammer is behind the drum kit, so you know there can be no wrong with the drumming. Also included with this package is updated artwork, as well as many old photos of the band. These photos look as if they were taken a long time ago when they were still wielding swords. You also get a DVD of a live concert. There are only a handful of songs and most of them are quite recent, but it is a nice little bonus. All in all, this is a very worthy purchase if you are either a fan of the band or haven’t heard the original “Stormblast”.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now