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Stormblast MMV [Bonus DVD]

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  • I remember hearing the original ‘Stormblast’, and while I thought it was probably Dimmu Borgir’s defining statement as a band, I thought it could have been so much better with a proper production. Well, now we have it. This version doesn’t just refine the original, it surpasses it. The keyboards are vast and chilling, Shagrath’s vocals sound great, and the music itself represents Dimmu Borgir at their songwriting peak, which was lost in the suffocating, haphazard arrangements that were their last three albums. The only gripes I have (and they are minor) are that the lovely keyboard intro to ‘Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen’ was replaced by the sounds of a rainstorm, and ‘Sorgens Kammer’ was reworked into a song with vocals (go to, look up Dimmu Borgir, and they explain why they did this when you look at the album summary for the original ‘Stormblast’). But, all that aside, this is probably the best album Dimmu Borgir have done in years, even if it is a reworking of older material. Highly recommended.

    Posted on January 13, 2010