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Stormblast MMV [Bonus DVD]

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  • This was my second Dimmu album, after the rather stale Death Cult, and will likely remain my favorite. The songs are fast, intricate, and made complete with beautiful nuances absent on the first recording. Hellhammer’s drumming is super-precise, and the mixing of the record is perfect. The original songs are much slower and simpler, sounding much more like demo versions of 2005’s finished product. The title track is an epic masterpiece with its haunting outro and crystalline choruses textured with archaic cleans. Even the new song, Avmaktslave, is an excellent piece of songwriting and sits flush with the rest of the album, conveying a mood like a final, desperate battle.

    I hope whoever hears this album will not place it on the juvenile blackmetalometer, and judge it strictly as it should be judged – on its boundless musical value.

    Posted on January 13, 2010