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Strange & Beautiful

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  • Strange and Beautiful is the third full-length album from Crimson Glory. It was released in 1991. There are 11 tracks. The material is in a hard rock musical direction. Overall, I find the songwriting to be solid, the musicianship to be tight, and the sound quality to be satisfying. Midnight does well with the vocals, and Jon Drenning’s guitar playing is skillful; I especially like his engaging rhythm guitar work. Some of the songs contain female background vocals and minimal keyboard playing. My favorite compositions are “Love and Dreams,” “Song for Angels,” and “Starchamber.” The well-written, memorable “Love and Dreams” is a pleasing, uplifting tune. “Song for Angels” is a pleasant power ballad that displays the playing of a grand piano and a gratifying guitar solo from Drenning. The epic, creative “Starchamber” exhibits an interesting, sci-fi-sounding beginning, containing guitar playing from Drenning with a curious, fluid-like tone. Other enjoyable pieces are “Strange and Beautiful,” “In the Mood,” and “Deep Inside Your Heart.” “Strange and Beautiful” is a stately cut that has Drenning providing an appealing guitar solo–he also supplies sleek guitar work on the intro. The nicely crafted, spirited “In the Mood” sports an attractive saxophone solo, while the power ballad “Deep Inside Your Heart” features a pretty guitar line from Drenning during the beginning; I like Drenning’s melodic guitar soloing, too. The CD booklet includes the song lyrics and a black-and-white photo of the band–this same photo is also on the back of the CD jewel case. The album cover artwork is odd. The disc is just over 59 minutes. Strange and Beautiful is a good piece of work from Crimson Glory.

    Posted on March 8, 2010