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Strange Cousins from the West

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  • I’ve been a Clutch fan since the first album way back in the early 90’s. When a band has been around this long and has proven the test of time it is only natural you have GREAT efforts and then solid…yet subpar efforts. SCFTW is a step down from the last 3 albums…HOWEVER, that in no way says this is a bad album, it is not, in fact it is a very solid effort. Personally I have always preferred the faster tempo of albums such as Blast Tyrant and Robot Hive/Exodus. SCFTW is a slower album than anything Clutch has done in quite a few years. Some of it takes me back to Elephant Riders but then you get hints of Beale St as well. The one thing that is really missing is the far out lyrics….Fallon is one of very few song writers that can just about produce an acid flashback in my mind with his words. This aspect is missing on this album, there are a few instances of oddball lyrics..but very few and far between, for sure nowhere near the level of past efforts.

    All in all, this is a solid around effort and any Clutch fan should be glad to have it in their collection. The packaging is AWESOME! It will stay in my player for awhile no doubt….but not as long as the last few albums have, for me this is another Pure Rock Fury….a solid effort but not my favorite of their releases. It will be pulled out occasionally, but not nearly as much as other albums.

    Posted on March 6, 2010