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Strangers in the Night

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No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: URIAH HEEPTitle: LIVE 1973Street Release Date: 07/25/1989<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: ROCK/POP

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  • Having been very sheltered in my teen years, when I turned 18 in 1979 I decided to go to a rock concert. Ted Nugent was sold out so I asked the lady at the ticket counter what other concerts were available. The concert warmed up with “On Broadway”, the second act was Judas Priest, touring their “Hell Bent for Leather” album, and UFO touring the “Strangers in the Night” album. I was blown away.

    I bought the vinyl LP the next day. I bought it again a few years later to replace it when my wife destroyed it during a fight. (She knew where to hit me where it hurt and now she’s my ex-wife) I also bought the cassette tape somewhere along the line and it is one of the first CD’s I ever bought. There was a problem with the original release of the CD though. The tracks were cut in the wrong place. If the songs were played individually, you would hear the intro to “Let it Roll” at the end of another song. This annoyed me on those few ocasions when I didn’t play it straight through.

    Finally, I bought the Remastered Expanded edition which not only fixed that problem, but added a couple of songs from their later releases, “Hot ‘N’ Ready” and “Cherry.” Some of the live chatter from Mogg will be new to those familiar with earlier versions, but it’s all good. The CD insert on this one is much better too. It folds out and has the artwork from the original gatefold of the album as well as the front and back along with a short history of the band added.

    There are only two other live albums I would rank higher than this one and they are “Just One Night” by Eric Clapton and “The Song Remains the Same” by Led Zeppelin. Maybe if I had gotten to the box office a bit earlier I might be saying the same thing about “Double Live Gonzo”… Sorry Ted.

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  • There was glut of live albums released in the late seventies, thanks, in no small part, to the hideous multi-platinum “Framptom Comes Alive”. Most of those live albums were forgettable, but “Strangers in the Night” in one of the greatest live albums of the era. This recording captures a young hot UFO at its performing peak.

    At the time UFO was opening for BOC, and they played that familiar late seventies blues influenced metal. In many ways this album represents an evolutionary link between 70’s blues metal and 80’s hair metal.

    I appreciate the remastering and reshuffling of the song order to reflect the true set list. And this is the perfect opening act show, it starts out strong, then kicks it down a notch, before building to the final four songs in a gushing guitargasm.

    Guys got this album for the guitar solos, and Michael Schenker puts on a clinic here. His shredding brightens up even the most cliched rock riffing. “Lights Out” is my favorite tune of this set. Not too many songs end on a guitar solo, and the one at the conclusion of “Lights Out” ranks up there with the best.

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  • UFO typified the best elements of hard rock, but often came across as generic and derivative. To some extent that might have been true, but they were a prolific, hard working band, their songs were good, and they played them like they meant it. Strangers in the Night brings the best of it to the stage. A lengthy album, remastered and extended to include two additional songs, this CD reminds UFO fans why they were fans to begin with. It’s a relentlessly energetic concert that surrounds the listener with the excitement of both the band and the audience. Clearly UFO played with such singular conviction because they had no other choice. As well as a great live performance, Strangers in the Night also serves as a fine “best of” CD. If you’re just getting acquainted with UFO, there’s no better album to start with.

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  • the original strangers in the night is my all time favorite rock album. it is the sound track for my teenage years. not only does it bring back memories of those days of old but i’ve never stopped listening to it so it’s still as fresh today as it was back then. to me ufo is the greatest live band ever.none of their studio recordings ever quite captured the essence of what they truly are. this recording does. i can’t recall ever playing this for anyone that wasn’t captivated by it. songs like “love to love”, “rock bottom”, “i’m a loser” , just have to be heard to be believed. there is not a bad note to be found here. now with the extra tracks and different order of the songs this perfect album just gains another dimension of greatnessi would suggest everyone in the world have a copy of this album…even rap and country fans, just so you know what you’re missing!

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  • On tour with Blue Oyster Cult at the time, UFO is captured brilliantly in $”Strangers in the Night” arguably one of the best hard rock live albums ever put to disk (compact or otherwise). The band is captured as they lock and jell their way through their set, alternately stomping on the accelerator and slowing thoughfully as the band works their superlative material for everything it is worth. Now the album has been re-issued and remastered, with two new songs not present on the album’s original release. These songs, “Hot ‘n Ready” and “Cherry” now open the album, with some changes in the song order that, it is stated in the liner notes, more accurately depicts the set list of that era.The frightening thing about this album is it’s a snapshot of UFO at the height of their powers. Scary because despite the authority with which the band played live, and their apparently effortless ability to write catchy melodic rock tunes, the band lost Schenker just a few months after this was recorded. Neither Schenker, Mogg/Way, or Paul Raymond ever recaptured individually the power they held collectively for this all too short period in time. Which brings up the next point. It has been said the Michael Schenker, who had fled UFO’s camp before the master tapes were even parked in the studio, refused to cooperate with any re dubs for the live album. If this is true, then this album is truly the Rosetta Stone of live hard rock lead guitar. Schenker’s playing, at once melodic, fierce, soaring, and explosive in it’s intensity, is the best representation of everything artistically correct with hard rock of this period. His soloing during “Rock Bottom” seems at times to be spinning out of control, yet retains an articuable forward momentum that propels the listener to higher ground. Arguably the best lead guitarist of this rock genre, Schenker doesn’t miss out when the tempo slows either. Listen to his lead break during “let It Roll” when he applies the brakes and displays great reverence for the slower material as well. Or listen to him stomp the accelerator with Pete Way and Andy Parker on “Lights Out”. Fast or slow, there are only a handful of guitarists in Rock and Roll that bear comparison.Phil Mogg (one of the most underappreciated vocalists in rock) does the band and himself proud. His vocals come across as understated yet heroic, and he definetly possess one of the better sets of pipes in rock. This album also includes more of Phil’s banter between songs, and it’s a kick trying to figure out what level of drunkeness he’s at (or is he just being playful?). Pete Way and Andy Parker form a solid rhythm section and play ably, with the always steady Paul Raymond filling in on rhythm guitar and key boards. All in all, a smart buy, wether you own the original “Strangers” or just want to check out a great rock band at their peak.

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