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Strangers in the Night

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  • the original strangers in the night is my all time favorite rock album. it is the sound track for my teenage years. not only does it bring back memories of those days of old but i’ve never stopped listening to it so it’s still as fresh today as it was back then. to me ufo is the greatest live band ever.none of their studio recordings ever quite captured the essence of what they truly are. this recording does. i can’t recall ever playing this for anyone that wasn’t captivated by it. songs like “love to love”, “rock bottom”, “i’m a loser” , just have to be heard to be believed. there is not a bad note to be found here. now with the extra tracks and different order of the songs this perfect album just gains another dimension of greatnessi would suggest everyone in the world have a copy of this album…even rap and country fans, just so you know what you’re missing!

    Posted on February 7, 2010