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  • Like all good Jane’s albums, you need to listen to them at least 10 times start to finish before determing whether they blow or not. I am beginning to love this album. I was really bummed out that Perry’s artwork was not on the cover or involved with the CD at all. I have a feeling they rushed this album out so it would sell while they toured. “True Nature” and “The Riches” stood out as classic Jane’s adrenaline tunes with great lyrics. I feel like the more the CD spins, the more I get into the songs I initially thought were horrible. The only song that is truly idiotic is “Superhero”. What were they thinking?The album is not as insightful or groundbreaking as previous works, but it keeps us late 80’s/early 90’s “Jane’s freaks” from travelling to Madagascar to find rare and unreleased material. I truly think that, although drugs seem to have broken up the band, they WERE the band. I was always so interested in what happened to Perry on the streets or on some sort of wacked out heroin vision. It added a mystical quality to the music. I hate to see these old farts on MTV. I used to think they were so cool. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see the father of alternative rock try so hard to fit in to the MTV idiot crowd. Navarro thinks he is some sort of fashion model. Perkins is the only one who is cool enough to know that they are JANE’S ADDICTION. They don’t need to try so hard. They are already the coolest band ever.Anyhoo, buy the album. Listen to it without reading the lyrics in the CD sleeve. Listen to it again and again. There are layers that begin to reveal themselves. It’s like a magic eye picture. You can see some cool stuff in there if you look long enough.

    Posted on February 20, 2010