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  • Just a message to all those 1 star ratings for this album who think it’s not alternative enough. Well i don’t see whats wrong with that. Is it 2 hard to be into alternative music and not like hard hitting rock songs as well? Is the problem that this album has some great tracks on it with a rather cathcy riffs which u got into too quickly so thought “wow a lot of ppl are going to like this i can’t associate myself with the masses even if i do like it.. i’m a music guru i like things that aren’t so obvious” I think this is a very good album and i like all of jane’s releases. I’ll admit this was the easiest one to get into though not necessarily the best, but it doesn’t mean its crap either! I suggest that these alternative hipsters take a look at their cd collections, scrap half of it for not being alternative enough and then they can sleep easy knowing they are into stuff that most people don’t like! Its not a problem to like stuff that sounds good… Go stand in the shower and have a think

    Posted on February 20, 2010