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  • The problem with bands who attempt comebacks is that if they sound like they used to, they get hammered because they didn’t progress. If they’ve progressed, you’ll get the old school fans that want it all to sound the same. I believe Perry and the band have made the CD that fits who they are today. Like most great CDs, this one hits you in the teeth with no apologies with the first 5 songs, settles into a groove with the next 5 songs, then closes with a highlight. My personal favorites are “Just Because,” “The Riches,” “Everybody’s Friend,” and “To Match the Sun.” With all of the negative, CBA (could be anyone) bands out there with videos with guitar players hunched over while playing, it’s refreshing for a CD like this to come along with more of a feel-good/uptempo (without sounding angry) vibe to the songs. I agree with other reviewers who recommend not comparing this release to previous releases by J.A. because the band is just in a different space now (after all, are you the same person you were 13 years ago?). Judging it on it’s own, I give it the best rating- it’s one of my favorite CDs of the last 10 years.

    Posted on February 21, 2010