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  • There is no pretense on this album- no “look what I can do”, no “look how many words I know”…just complete and utter oblivion. Majestically crushing, and unrepentantly dark and morose- this is a truly unique and self-dissolving piece of plastic. You completely lose yourself into it. Not to mention, it kicks an a$$ or two. Like Rats and Christbait Rising (a favorite- “don’t hold me back/ this is my own hell”) are immaculate. Really not recommended for people who don’t appreciate crushing, dark music, but those who do will love it. I place it with Swans’ Great Annihilator (that’s more cereberal), Burzum’s Hvist Lyset Tar Oss (that’s more evil), and Ministry’s Filthpig (that’s sleazier), as the grand dukes of crushing spaciousness. This is more the “city” version of those, if that makes sense. If when someone says “Industrial”, you think VNV Nation, and “Metal” you think “Iron Maiden”, you’ll hate this. This is completely it’s own animal, and you will either hate it or love it. I love it, but these guys are despised by some people I play it for. It doesn’t get much darker than this- there are hundreds of metal bands that could learn what real darkness sounds like from this cd. Not a cd for parties by a long shot, but somehow both aggressive and soothing at the same time, I usually listen to it when I’m by myself and either reading or screwing with photoshop. Buy it if you like looking the beast in the face, and tell him I said hi.

    Posted on December 18, 2009