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  • I first heard Godflesh on their label Earache’s “Grindcrusher” sampler (yes, the one with the yellow cover) – which was available only as an import at the time and which also led me to such wonders as Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, etc. At the time this was the most exciting music coming out of the European metal scene – and Godflesh, who never really fit in with any of these other bands and who were saddled with the “grindcore” label even though that genre was a million miles away from their sound, were the most exciting band. Why? One listen to the first two songs on this album will tell you. Godflesh take the basic mechanisms of death metal, industrial (think Throbbing Gristle, not NIN), and psychedelia and tear that machinery apart – only to reassemble the collected elements in a completely idiosyncratic fashion. At the time there wasn’t another band on Earth who sounded like Godflesh – now there are legions of copycats and followers, and this album has “influenced” so many musicians it is ridiculous. Godflesh is just original. I believe this album is their most “pure” expression in that it is the most experimental, and the melodies and rhythms used are the most expressive and atmospheric out of all their songs. Every one of these songs – including the bonus tracks – is just simply breathtaking. Listen to a whole new genre, style, and way of looking at “heavy” music being invented right here. Yes, it is crushing, brutal, aggressive, angry, and (at times) frightening – but it is also flowing, lyrical, multilayered, dense, expansive, and deeply soothing. A creative force at their most innovative time.

    Posted on December 19, 2009