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Streets: A Rock Opera

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Includes Never Before Released Bonus Track: ’desiree’.

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  • Savatage is a band that writes music with feeling and lyrics that mean something. They use tempo changes, hard guitar lines, brilliant piano, and great vocals that meld together in a very listenable way. When I first heard this in 1991 I was amazed. While I love heavy metal, this was something more, it was better, and more fulfilling.
    Somewhere along the line Savatage got the reputation that they were strictly a “metal band”. Nothing is further from the truth. I think that is where the few negative reviews come from. People expect a thrashy sort of metal, and that isn’t the case. Savatage is thinking rock. Those who want something to thrash to, or a savage beat to bounce to, won’t find it in the band, although they do play some very great metal songs.
    Finally, Streets is a wonderful listen. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Each song is superb, and I, like others here, have been moved to tears by the sheer beauty of this CD. Do yourself a favor and pay the 10 bucks for this CD. Listen to it with the mentality that you are trying to find meaning in it. Listen 2-3 times over a period of a few days. Read the story, read the lyrics, visualize the scene. You will be awestruck.

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I noticed I haven’t done a music review for some time. Now i’ll renew it. This is powerful. Pure emotional metal brought into one great concept album. The album’s concept is pure and simple, yet mesmorizing:Drug addict turns rock star. Yet it also shows the dark side of being a rock star. It’s like The Who’s “Tommy,” in a way. Here’s a song-by-song review.1.Streets-Mesmorizing. Really outside of the story, but it gives you the idea of the setting for the story. Intresting how they got a children’s choir to sing in the begining. That’s an excerpt from “The Magic Flute” you’re hearing, by the way. Powerful. 5/52.Jesus Saves-Intresting acting done by Jon(Is it Jon?). Nice riffs! Really intrested story of D.T. 4/53.Tonight he Grins Again-Sad. Very sad. Nice piano playing in the song. One of the few bands that are true metal and play old piano. Nice solo. 5/54.Strange Reality-Nice riff, goes along with the story, but it’s not that great. Intresting lyrics, however 3/55.A Little Too Far-Very nice piano-and-vocals-only ballad, with some lyrics to make even the toughest man cry. Nice. 5/56.You’re Alive-Happy metal. Fits really well with the story. No solo, but that’s good. Flowing singing. 4/57.Sammy And Tex-METAL! Good thrasher. Makes me want to … (You have to understand the story). Great riffs. 5/58.St.Patrick’s-At first I didn’t like it, but I loved it after listening to it again. Makes me question if there’s a god too. Hmmn. 4/59.Can You Hear Me Now-Not that great, but fits in to the end of part 1 for me. Lyrics are good. Don’t worry if you didn’t like the first 9 songs, the best is yet to come. 3/510.New York City Don’t Mean Nothing-See what I told you? Good begining to the song makes you feel kinda at peace with the homeless guy. Then the song kicks in. Fun mid-tempo song. 5/511.Ghost In The Ruins-Classic Savatage. Very nice lyrics. Good bass line and riffs. Criss is showing off on this one. But it’s good. 4/512.If I Go Away-Aling with the last track, this is my favorite off the album. Full capacity with a power ballad. Not only does this perfectly fit in with the album, it makes you think:Why am I here, and what impact have I has on the world? And, as the song says, “If I go away, what will still remain of me?”13.Agony and Estcasy-It’s good. Nice solid riff, but it’s too 80’s sounding to me. The riff stands alone, however. 3.5/514.Heal M Soul-Sad. Makes a grown man cry. You can feel the pain of the dying man, can’t you? So sad. Try singing this a capella. It’s even more sad. 5/515.Somewhere In Time-It’s very nice. Good rocking song. VERY GOOD LYRICS. It has almost a heavenly feel. This song is saying that there are no easy answers, but there is hope. Savatage knows how to make a good album, don’t they? 5/516.Beleive-OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! AMAZING! Words are not enough to tell how much this song is great. The finale is so climatic, it ould make you deaf. I cry every time I hear this song. I’m almost crying now just thinking about it. The greatest lyrics ever known. The moral is: To beleive, believe in your self, beleive in your potential, beleive in your worth, and to blieve in the future. Just amazing. Best climatic solo, great singing, and a guitar line that song Christmas-like. I’m NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY! Then, after the big climax, Jon breathes one word:Believe.Incredible album, It is Savatage’s best. Jon left the band after this album, so it’s that good. Excellent album. GET IT NOW!

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Savatage’s – Streets album is probably one of my most favorite written recordings of all time. I bought this album in my youth when my musical choice leaned toward the heavy side. 9 years later my music choices have “broadened”, but I still think that this album, with the balance of music and lyrics is outstanding. When I listen to a recording I listen to ALL of the recording. If you take away all of the vocals, you can still understand what is happening to the character from the music itself. In “Sammy and Tex” you can feel the tenseness and the aggressiveness of the song without hearing about them fighting from the words. In “A little too far” you can feel the remorse, in “Believe” you kind of feel the finality and love. This album, to me, is the story of Job of the old Testement. With the last song, Believe, being God singing to Jesus (the character) stating that all will be well, if he only Believes. There is only one song on the album that I do not care for and that is Jesus Saves. The rest ALL give me the chilles hearing them. The guitar solo over Jon’s vocals in “Can you Hear me know” is unbelievably beutiful. Yes, a heavy and hard band can be beutiful and is proven in this album. This album is a wonderful blend of hard hitting agressive rock to beutiful ballads. No matter what type of song it is, it is written to tell the story of the character. I highly recommend this album and for the buyer to listen to all parts of it.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Streets:A Rock Opera by Savatage is an amazing album. It is one of the top 5 albums of all time to me. I have listened to an insane amount of music over the years. I have listened to all kinds of music, rock, metal, jazz, blues, country I have heard it all. I have to say this album has it all. It is amazing, it is so emotional, it has everything you could ever want from music.Streets: 3/5, my least favorite song on the album because it does nothing for the concept. It is not a bad song but it should have been left off. The album should have started with Jesus Saves, because thats were the story begins.Jesus Save: 5/5, awesome hard rocker song with and amazing riff backed with some keyboard affect. Incredible solo by Criss Oliva in this song.Tonight He grins Again: 5/5, One of my fave songs on the album, I love the way Jon Oliva sings in this song, he is one of my favorite singers ever.Strange Reality: 4/5, cool basic rock song. Reminds me of Queensryche. Great lyrics.A little To far: 5/5, awesome ballad.Your Alive: 3/5, o.k rock song, good lyrics, only two minutes in length.Sammy And Tex: 5/5 Aesome heavy metal song, this song makes you want to bang your head. Jon’s voice is so cool in this song. I love the opening line: Hey D.T. what ya been up to it been a real long time and your bills past due.St Patrick’s: 5/5 Very sad but very good song.Can you hear me now: 4/5 cool lyrics good rocker.New York City Don’t Mean Nothing: 5/5 awesome song. Starts off with acoustic guitar and jon singing and then goes into a full on rock fest. Really cool lyrics in the song.Ghost In The Ruins: 5/5 A Savatage classic, awesome hard rocker with an amazing middle part of the song with the bass and guitar only. Incredible soloing by Criss Oliva. Playing for keeps!If I go Away: 1000/5 INCREDIBLE! starts of with piano and jon and the builds into an amzing power ballad. Poetic lyrics, great guitar evertything in this song is perfect.Agony And Ecstasy:4/5 One last heavy metal song beafore the amazing emotional ending.This is a cool song that sets you up for the ultimate ending to an album.Heal My Soul:5/5 a very sad beautiful song. asking for forgivness.Somewhere In Time: 10/5 Great song. It has it all what a beautiful chorus, you will definately be singing along to this one. I’ve been changing,Redefining,All the things I thought I knew So long ago,When I was flying,Through the years that seem so far away. Sets you up for the grand finale.Belive: 1000000000/5 The best song I have every heard in my entire life. Makes you feel so good. Amazing vocals and lyrics in this song. The best power ballad ever created. I guarantee this song will knock you off your feet the first time you hear it. You will become obsessed with this song. I have to listen to it every day, it is that good. If you have not heard this you have not lived. All I ask of you is BELIEVE!BUY STREETS NOW AND LISTEN TO BELIEVE.

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  • I have only recently discovered Savatage because I found out that members of that group were the nucleus of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I bought “Handful of Rain” first because I saw it used; it was a good album, but nothing groundbreaking. Then I ordered “Streets” off of the internet because I could not find it anywhere else, and for under ten dollars, I was safe that if I did not like it, it would not have wasted that much money. Once that I got it, it took one listen to realize that this was something special. After the second listen I knew that this was THE GREATEST concept album EVER! (Not to mention one of the best albums, period). It is even better than Dream Theater’s “Scenes From A Memory” because this has absolutely no weak songs, and still has outstanding performances from the entire band. Usually it takes me about a month of listens to be able to tell what I think about it, but I am writing this one day after I listened to it for the first time!
    The story is about a guy nicknamed DT Jesus, who sold drugs. He then became a huge rock star, but got addicted to a different type of rock, which destroyed his career. Eventually he got cleaned up, and, with the help of longtime manager and friend named Tex, had a comeback concert, which was a huge success. After the show, DT is in his dressing room, when a man named Sammy came to visit. Sammy sold drugs to DT in DT’s addict years and owed Sammy a substantial amount of money. They started fighting when Tex came in and pinned Sammy against a wall. Sammy looked beat but pulled out a knife and stabbed Tex, killing him. DT goes through many different emotions in the coming days facing the loss of his good friend. He encounters many people which change the way he looks at life.
    For an album that deals so much with drugs, this is surprisingly anti-drug and has a great uplifting message. Every single song is great and together are even more phenominal (especially “Jesus Saves,” “Can You Hear Me Now?” “New York City Don’t Mean Nothin’” and “Believe”). Criss Oliva is great on guitars, both rhythm and lead, and has outstanding solos that never drift into self-indulgence stages that plague some progressive guitarists, but the solos are all still dripping with passion. Jon Oliva sounds really good on keyboards and vocals as well, even though this would be his last album for ten years in which he performed all of the vocals on the album. It’s a dirty shame that so few people will ever get to enjoy the happiness and sense of fullfilment that comes after listening to this album from start to finish.

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