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Streets: A Rock Opera

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  • Streets:A Rock Opera by Savatage is an amazing album. It is one of the top 5 albums of all time to me. I have listened to an insane amount of music over the years. I have listened to all kinds of music, rock, metal, jazz, blues, country I have heard it all. I have to say this album has it all. It is amazing, it is so emotional, it has everything you could ever want from music.Streets: 3/5, my least favorite song on the album because it does nothing for the concept. It is not a bad song but it should have been left off. The album should have started with Jesus Saves, because thats were the story begins.Jesus Save: 5/5, awesome hard rocker song with and amazing riff backed with some keyboard affect. Incredible solo by Criss Oliva in this song.Tonight He grins Again: 5/5, One of my fave songs on the album, I love the way Jon Oliva sings in this song, he is one of my favorite singers ever.Strange Reality: 4/5, cool basic rock song. Reminds me of Queensryche. Great lyrics.A little To far: 5/5, awesome ballad.Your Alive: 3/5, o.k rock song, good lyrics, only two minutes in length.Sammy And Tex: 5/5 Aesome heavy metal song, this song makes you want to bang your head. Jon’s voice is so cool in this song. I love the opening line: Hey D.T. what ya been up to it been a real long time and your bills past due.St Patrick’s: 5/5 Very sad but very good song.Can you hear me now: 4/5 cool lyrics good rocker.New York City Don’t Mean Nothing: 5/5 awesome song. Starts off with acoustic guitar and jon singing and then goes into a full on rock fest. Really cool lyrics in the song.Ghost In The Ruins: 5/5 A Savatage classic, awesome hard rocker with an amazing middle part of the song with the bass and guitar only. Incredible soloing by Criss Oliva. Playing for keeps!If I go Away: 1000/5 INCREDIBLE! starts of with piano and jon and the builds into an amzing power ballad. Poetic lyrics, great guitar evertything in this song is perfect.Agony And Ecstasy:4/5 One last heavy metal song beafore the amazing emotional ending.This is a cool song that sets you up for the ultimate ending to an album.Heal My Soul:5/5 a very sad beautiful song. asking for forgivness.Somewhere In Time: 10/5 Great song. It has it all what a beautiful chorus, you will definately be singing along to this one. I’ve been changing,Redefining,All the things I thought I knew So long ago,When I was flying,Through the years that seem so far away. Sets you up for the grand finale.Belive: 1000000000/5 The best song I have every heard in my entire life. Makes you feel so good. Amazing vocals and lyrics in this song. The best power ballad ever created. I guarantee this song will knock you off your feet the first time you hear it. You will become obsessed with this song. I have to listen to it every day, it is that good. If you have not heard this you have not lived. All I ask of you is BELIEVE!BUY STREETS NOW AND LISTEN TO BELIEVE.

    Posted on March 11, 2010