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Streets: A Rock Opera

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  • Savatage’s – Streets album is probably one of my most favorite written recordings of all time. I bought this album in my youth when my musical choice leaned toward the heavy side. 9 years later my music choices have “broadened”, but I still think that this album, with the balance of music and lyrics is outstanding. When I listen to a recording I listen to ALL of the recording. If you take away all of the vocals, you can still understand what is happening to the character from the music itself. In “Sammy and Tex” you can feel the tenseness and the aggressiveness of the song without hearing about them fighting from the words. In “A little too far” you can feel the remorse, in “Believe” you kind of feel the finality and love. This album, to me, is the story of Job of the old Testement. With the last song, Believe, being God singing to Jesus (the character) stating that all will be well, if he only Believes. There is only one song on the album that I do not care for and that is Jesus Saves. The rest ALL give me the chilles hearing them. The guitar solo over Jon’s vocals in “Can you Hear me know” is unbelievably beutiful. Yes, a heavy and hard band can be beutiful and is proven in this album. This album is a wonderful blend of hard hitting agressive rock to beutiful ballads. No matter what type of song it is, it is written to tell the story of the character. I highly recommend this album and for the buyer to listen to all parts of it.

    Posted on March 11, 2010