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Streets: A Rock Opera

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  • I noticed I haven’t done a music review for some time. Now i’ll renew it. This is powerful. Pure emotional metal brought into one great concept album. The album’s concept is pure and simple, yet mesmorizing:Drug addict turns rock star. Yet it also shows the dark side of being a rock star. It’s like The Who’s “Tommy,” in a way. Here’s a song-by-song review.1.Streets-Mesmorizing. Really outside of the story, but it gives you the idea of the setting for the story. Intresting how they got a children’s choir to sing in the begining. That’s an excerpt from “The Magic Flute” you’re hearing, by the way. Powerful. 5/52.Jesus Saves-Intresting acting done by Jon(Is it Jon?). Nice riffs! Really intrested story of D.T. 4/53.Tonight he Grins Again-Sad. Very sad. Nice piano playing in the song. One of the few bands that are true metal and play old piano. Nice solo. 5/54.Strange Reality-Nice riff, goes along with the story, but it’s not that great. Intresting lyrics, however 3/55.A Little Too Far-Very nice piano-and-vocals-only ballad, with some lyrics to make even the toughest man cry. Nice. 5/56.You’re Alive-Happy metal. Fits really well with the story. No solo, but that’s good. Flowing singing. 4/57.Sammy And Tex-METAL! Good thrasher. Makes me want to … (You have to understand the story). Great riffs. 5/58.St.Patrick’s-At first I didn’t like it, but I loved it after listening to it again. Makes me question if there’s a god too. Hmmn. 4/59.Can You Hear Me Now-Not that great, but fits in to the end of part 1 for me. Lyrics are good. Don’t worry if you didn’t like the first 9 songs, the best is yet to come. 3/510.New York City Don’t Mean Nothing-See what I told you? Good begining to the song makes you feel kinda at peace with the homeless guy. Then the song kicks in. Fun mid-tempo song. 5/511.Ghost In The Ruins-Classic Savatage. Very nice lyrics. Good bass line and riffs. Criss is showing off on this one. But it’s good. 4/512.If I Go Away-Aling with the last track, this is my favorite off the album. Full capacity with a power ballad. Not only does this perfectly fit in with the album, it makes you think:Why am I here, and what impact have I has on the world? And, as the song says, “If I go away, what will still remain of me?”13.Agony and Estcasy-It’s good. Nice solid riff, but it’s too 80’s sounding to me. The riff stands alone, however. 3.5/514.Heal M Soul-Sad. Makes a grown man cry. You can feel the pain of the dying man, can’t you? So sad. Try singing this a capella. It’s even more sad. 5/515.Somewhere In Time-It’s very nice. Good rocking song. VERY GOOD LYRICS. It has almost a heavenly feel. This song is saying that there are no easy answers, but there is hope. Savatage knows how to make a good album, don’t they? 5/516.Beleive-OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! AMAZING! Words are not enough to tell how much this song is great. The finale is so climatic, it ould make you deaf. I cry every time I hear this song. I’m almost crying now just thinking about it. The greatest lyrics ever known. The moral is: To beleive, believe in your self, beleive in your potential, beleive in your worth, and to blieve in the future. Just amazing. Best climatic solo, great singing, and a guitar line that song Christmas-like. I’m NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY! Then, after the big climax, Jon breathes one word:Believe.Incredible album, It is Savatage’s best. Jon left the band after this album, so it’s that good. Excellent album. GET IT NOW!

    Posted on March 11, 2010