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Stronger Than Death

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  • Different people are put on this Earth to do different things. Zakk Wylde was put here to make the heaviest, bone crushing music around. “Sonic Brew” was a monster CD in it’s own right, but “Stronger than Death” is quite possibly Zakk’s finest collection to date. The cd kicks you in the teeth from the beginning with the heavy groove of “All For You”. “Phoney Smiles and Fake Hellos” sounds like a cross between Sabbath and Pantera. The lead work throughout the entire cd will leave you in awe. Zakk has finally shed all remnants of his Ozzy years and created a masterpiece in HIS own style. If heavy metal is truly on the rise again, then Zakk Wylde has issued a challenge to all 80’s guitar heros to wake up and do what they do best.

    Posted on December 8, 2009