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Subhuman Race

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  • “Slave to the Grind” is their best CD without a doubt, but if you skipped this CD when it was released because you were into grunge, then you need to go back and buy it. I overlooked it too. Wow. What a powerful sound they got on this. Very dark and moody songs, but VERY HEAVY. Sebastian Bachs voice is unbelievable. Loud, clear, and he holds notes forever! Both guitarists absolutely smoke on the songs. So crunchy and heavy. “Firesign”, “Frozen”, “Beat Yourself Blind” and “Remains to be Seen” are incredible songs. “Breakin’ Down” is a better ballad than “I’ll Remember You” was. I can’t stop listening to this CD since I got it. The only people who gave this a bad review are the ones who wanted the first CD sound, not the “Slave” sound. HEAVY!!

    Posted on February 3, 2010