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Subhuman Race

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  • First things first: this is a HEAVY album. It’s really too bad that this album was so overlooked upon its release. Public interest in “Subhuman Race” faded quickly after its release due to two, and only two, factors:1. The “Eighteen and Life” Skid Row crowd was hoping that the Skidders would return to their hair-metal phase after the hot-coal guitars of “Slave to the Grind”. They didn’t, and the kiddies went elsewhere for their anthems.2. The fan base that actually liked the heaviness of “Slave” got caught up in the grunge movement and thought Skid was trying to go grunge, too. They felt betrayed, and called Skid Row “sellouts”.Like me, a small amount of true fans of heavy music appreciated this album as a bracing effort that continued Skid Row’s move to dark side of rock. The guitars are as heavy as any in rock, and Snake’s playing had never been better, but the crowd wanted another sexy MTV video. Ironically, another metal band by the name of Metallica released their “Load” album shortly thereafter and was equally chastised for going…soft. Go figure.I still shake the house with this hammering album from time to time. “Subhuman Race” had the power to bridge the gap between grunge and the boy-band fluff that still infiltrates music in the early 00’s. Unfortunately, nobody listened.

    Posted on February 3, 2010