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Suicidal for Life

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  • This is more like 4.5 stars, This CD probably gives me the strangest vibe out of all the ST albums, for some reason it always feels out of place compared to the others, I don’t know why either, sometimes I totally dig it and other times it doesn’t really click with me, I don’t know its weird like that.

    The Music however is 100% right on, the production is REALLY good, its clear, and heavy as a mofo. This album has some of ST’s best riffs on it, every song has great music, just crank it up and it gets you going, The band was definetly on top of their game on this one. just listen to songs like “I wouldn’t mind” and “No F…’n Problem”, “Love vs. Loneliness”, and especially “What Else Could I Do?” which is my favorite track on the CD and on of my Favorite ST songs. I can’t express how much I love the music on this album.

    Like I said the production is REALLY good.

    Theres something about some of the songs that just don’t vibe though, they all have cool parts, there is not one BAD song on here, but songs like “No Bulls..t”, “Suicyco Muthafu..a”, and “What you Need’s a Friend”, get kind of repetetive, but they have cool elements to them, just the song as a whole is not that great. Vocally, it’s really good, lyrically its about Half n half, some of Mike’s work is brilliant, some of it is not his best.

    Overall, I would recommend this to ANY fan of ST, it is a great album its just got a different feel to it, but most ST albums have different feels to them, I would not recommend this as a first album though, start off with “Lights, Camera, Revoloution”, or “How will I Laugh Tommorrw”.

    Posted on November 18, 2009