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Suicidal for Life

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  • Yeah, i can totally agree with almost every comment made about Suicidal For Life; the vibe of the album is a little off. I definitely would NOT go as far as to say that the band released a sub-standard record willingly. I mean, their previous album was waaaaay over-produced and commercial-leaning — S4L sounds like a reaction to that. Also, the recognition Mike Muir and the guys were (over)due was not exactly flowing forth at this point, so again, we’re left with some ticked-off dudes behind this record. It’s almost like they didn’t want a successful record that Epic Records could profit from — I think Warrior Soul had a similar problem with DGC on their record Chill Pill.

    And furthermore, I seem to remember very little promotion, video rotation, etc., for S4L, which leads me to believe that Epic leaned on them to get a record ready, get it out, get it over with, get ST off the label — after all, Art Of Rebellion was a big investment for Epic, and it didn’t blow up. It’s stupid that ST/Epic went that route at all, since the album before AOR (fitting initials), Lights…Camera…Revolution! did really well. There was no reason to soften up and bring in Peter Collins to give them a radio-friendly sound. So suffice it to say, ST got the crap-end of the stick all around. So did the fans. Too bad. They had everything you could want in a band and you can hear them in a lot of the bands that are raking in money today. If you’re not now, you never were.

    Posted on November 19, 2009