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Suicidal for Life

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  • Suicidal Tendencies has never been a serious metal band. Keep in mind this is the group who wrote “Send Me Your Money” and “Institutionalized”. The emotional range of every one of thier CD’s is diverse and enjoyable. Sure Cyco Miko cusses up a storm, and it’s hilariously well done! His vocals are slithering, insane and just plain silly all at once. The music here is buzzsaw metal, prime 90’s thrash with plenty of great guitar solos, thumping bass grooves and memorable riffs. Members who played on this realease have gone on to do big things. Brooks Wackerman(drums) is in Bad Religion now and Rob Trujillo(bass) has played with Ozzy, Jerry Cantrell and is now in Metallica. Don’t pretend you’re above this. If you’re an ST fan of any calibur, you’d have to agree this has more piss and punches than releases by Cyco Miko or Infectious Grooves around the same time. And it beats the hell outta “Freedumb”’s tamed down punk rock. Lots of memorable songs here. I can honestly I enjoy every last one of them. The manic attack of it keeps things interesting, wether you’re a pissed of 16 year old or a nostalgic 30 year old.Overall, I think it’s more worth it to shell out money for thier greatest hits CD. Or just start from the beginning and work your way up. But regardless… A great agressive intro to S.T. Prime musicianship, and a great show of range from the incomparable Mike Muir.

    Posted on November 20, 2009