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Suicidal Tendencies

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  • Ah, Suicidal Tendencies 1983 debut. Aggressive, catchy, with just a hint of Metal, the album’s standout element has got to be the fact that after twenty years, it still sounds fresh. Amazing. And they will never sound this good again. Unfortunately, this is really Suicidal Tendencies only good album. Everything that followed was (and still is) utterly generic Thrash Metal (Muir even changing his vocal style). Although the old-school classic, Institutionalized, is here, every track is great. Now in 1993, ST re-recorded this album. Avoid it. They tried to out-do something that could not be out-done. If this debut had not been so popular, if it had not been so influential, then re-recording it might be understandable. Instead, they sounded like some slick Metal band simply covering a classic album, totally lacking the desperation and anger of the original. But I digress. So if you’ve just jumped into Punk, do yourself a favor and pick up this truly awesome old-school classic.

    Posted on December 4, 2009