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Suicide Season

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  • Man, was I disappointed when I popped this into my cd player. When I found out that BMTH had a new album out, I was stoked. I didn’t bother listening to any samples online beforehand. I just went out and bought it. Since it was a new release, it was on sale for 9.99. By the time I got to the third track, I had to press eject. I eventually did listen to the entire album, but it really pissed me off. Yet another band who “matured” their sound, but for the worse (i.e Avenged Sevenfold, Born of Oriris, Everytime I Die etc.) To me it just sounds like a Norma Jean rip-off, another band who released only one album that I liked. “Count Your Blessings” was an awesome album. Not very inventive, but technical and brutal. It seems like on “Suicide Season” the band took a minimalist direction and kinda dumbed down their music. I don’t know, maybe they just wanted more girls to come to their shows, because it seems like all their lyrics are about is partying and banging. Hey! Maybe they should tour with Brokencyde. There are a couple moments on this album that I found myself nodding to, but for the most part I was pretty letdown. If you’re expecting another “Count Your Blessings,” you’ll be very disappointed. If you like bands such as Everytime I Die or Norma Jean, you might like it, however.

    Posted on January 6, 2010