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Suicide Season

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  • If you are one of the many people like my self who hated bring me the horizon, you need to give this cd a listen. When I heard the tracks of off count your blessings, i hated its generic wanna be death metal sound. This cd is completely different. The style is much different and much better.

    The Comedown: 4.5/5-One of the best tracks on the whole cd, very catchy and a good introduction to their new style.

    Chelsea Smile: 3.5/5-Ok, a little generic sounding but cool riffs.

    If It Was Written In Blood: 2/5-Pretty cool synthesized intro but very boring for the most part.

    Death Breath: 4.5/5-My second favorite of the whole cd. Fantastic riffs and intense vocals.

    Football Season Is Over: 4.5/5-Short, brutal, and funny. it has a great chorus part “PARTY TILL YOU PASS OUT, DRINK TILL YOUR DEAD. DANCE ALL NIGHT TIL YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR LEGS.”

    Sleep With One Eye Open: 4.5/5-Very, very, heavy. One of the best tracks.

    Diamonds Aren’t Forever: 4.5/5-A heavy catchy track which delivers metal core at it’s finest.

    The Sadness Will Never End: 4/5-A heavy original sound with SUNG vocals, something bring me the horizon rarely has.

    No Need For Instructions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors: 4/5-Very short but has an interesting jazz intro, then an insane breakdown into pure insanity, the heaviest track on the album.

    Suicide Season: 5/5-THE BEST TRACK on the whole album, and the best BMTH song ever. It goes in and out from melodic to heavy and has very emotional lyrics showing Sykes’s best writing talent.

    So again, if you used to hate them forget that count your blessings crap and BUY this. It’s hard to believe that the same awful band who played “Pray For Plagues” created this cd. Bring Me The Horizon have matured greatly and WILL get better.

    Posted on January 6, 2010