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Suicide Season

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  • I can completely understand why fans of metal or bring me the horizon’s old sound could be disappointed by this record. BUT i will say im a fan of the older stuff but definatly in love with this record. i truely believe BMTH took a step up further from any band within the ’scene’ that feeds off cliques. where everyone tends to be doing the same thing, writing the same words, following the same trends – BMTH has done something completely off the map. i truely think think they just took all diffrent forms of punk and heavier music that influnced them, smashed it all together, and made Suicide Season.

    obviously oli’s vocals have taken a toll. i actually saw them live last night and he definatly doesn’t scream like he used to, even when playing some songs from “count your blessings”, he just can’t seem to do those highs anymore. which makes sense cuz those are brutal. but i think his newer vocals with some highs mixed in at times works. and as much as i love every track off of CYB, they did sound like just you’re average metal band instrumentally. with this record i think they took it up a notch, but in a slightly diffrent direction.

    for what the misfits did for punk rock way back when, i think BMTH has done for heavy music. its artistic, creative, innovative, and has in my opinion one of the sickest [like good sick] album covers ever. and oli’s writing skills definatly stand out, on some tracks more then others, particularly the title track. you can’t help but feel for him. the emotion that was put into the lyrics and everything instrumentally and vocally about that soung is just outstanding.

    Posted on January 6, 2010