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Suicide Season

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  • I was thoroughly disappointed with Suicide Season(SS). I thought Count Your Blessings(CYB) was pretty decent, but Bring Me The Horizon have changed their sound, and in my opinion it’s a change for the worse. First off, they changed the music aspect. CYB was nothing groundbreaking, but SS sounds pretty generic, like a toned down version of Johnny Truant or Norma Jean. Also, they throw in some pointless electronic noises, distortion effects, and jazz intros, to try to spice it up, but to no effect.

    But the worst change is the vocals. MY GOD! are they terrible. Skyes did an incredible job on CYB,with brutal growls and terrifying shrieks. On SS, his vocals are so one-note and bland. Also, his lyrics are pretty bad. Every song is about partying or something stupid. “We can’t sleep, it’s for weak people, We can’t rest til we’re ****ing dead.” I don’t mind bad lyrics in metal, but when you can understand them, and their this bad, it kind of ruins the music.

    Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t mind progression in music, I actually want it. And BMTH have certainly progressed, but I guess SS is just not my cup of British tea(pun intended).

    Posted on March 16, 2010