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Summer of Darkness

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  • Okay. So I heard Demon Hunter was in town doing a show. But I was short on cash that week, plus I had family commitments with my wife and kids. What to do?

    A few days later I plunked down the “concert” money on “Summer of Darkness” and had the chance to listen to Demon Hunter for hours on end. I’d still love to see them live, but this CD is a fantastic consolation prize. Although my first time through it, I thought it had less variety and poorer production than “The Triptych,” I started to change my mind on the third and fourth spins. Now, I’m torn. This album rocks harder than “The Triptych”–which is a good thing! Yet “The Triptych” has better lyrics. Overall, a toss-up between the two.

    Whereas some groups know how to scream, and others know how to write good lyrics, Demon Hunter combines the two and creates its own accessible, yet unique sound for those like me who enjoy a daily ear-shredding. They better be planning a fourth!

    Posted on January 21, 2010