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Summer of Darkness

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  • I heard of this band back in 2002 but wrote them off because of their name (it just screams black metal). To my surprise I found one of their tracks,” Infected”, on the Headbanger’s Ball Vol. 1 album and fell in love with them. So for months to come I searched endlessly to find their first album. Then a wile later I heard another track, “heart Strings Come Undone”, and gave up the search and just ordered them off the net. I could have not been more surprised at the turnout of each album. Man was I wrong! The lead singer has a most unique voice to the point where you either like it or not. Much to the same effect as Atreyu. The band sends a very uplifting message through each of their songs. But then to learn that this band is actually Christian Death Metal really sent me for a loop. I started analyzing each song to find the meaning and came to all my conclusions. So in closing I wouldn’t waste anymore time reading reviews if I were you. Click on the order now button and let the experience begin! Rock on, rock on.

    Posted on January 21, 2010