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Summer of Darkness

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  • First off, I am a DIE-HARD Atheist and I listen to this. That should go to show that there isn’t really anything that you can tell is Christian. Ah, Why ramble? On to the Review!

    Not Ready to Die 5/5 This song immediately caught my attention, there’s a short, hypnotic riff in the beginning and opens up into a Death Metal Onslaught, screaming and singing at the same time makes this sound WONDERFUL.

    The Awakening 3.9/5 It’s a good song, but the lack of good verses kind of kills it. Also, the bridge goes on too long. REALLY top-notch chorus though!

    Beheaded 5/5 This song features a guest vocalist. (I think Killswitch Engage, but I’m not exactly sure) There’s a neat bass line in the chorus to go along with the high-pitched growl.

    My Heartstrings Come Undone 5/5 This is the only song with NO SCREAMING. It is still a wonderful song though, the lyrics are very well done too.

    Our Faces Fall Apart 4/5 This song has a very cool beginning, but the rest is just OK. The bridge doesn’t seem like it was really needed.

    Less Than Nothing 5/5 A short, sweet song with a very catchy chorus. It sounds like they say the f-word in the beginning, but they don’t. The intro riff is pretty good too.

    Summer of Darkness 6/5 This is one of the coolest songs on the album. I’ve always loved title tracks, and this is NO exception. The higher guitar notes sound like the ones in Slipknot’s “I Am Hated” On the Iowa album. The opening scream goes for about 20 seconds. cool crap!

    Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator 10000000000000000000/5 This is the best song ever! The chorus is wonderful, and it’s also the longest, this is a MUST LISTEN.

    Annihilate the Corrupt 5/5 Another A+ Chorus here folks, a good bridge guitar line and REALLY good lyrics.

    I Play Dead 5/5 Interesting, it starts very soft and blows up on your face the first 1/4 of the song. COOL!

    Everything Was White 5/5 Fun song to headbang to. The 1/2 second of silence towards the end in the guitar line was wonderful.

    Coffin Builder 5/5 INCREDIBLE lyrics here all of you Metal Freex. Good guitar and bass too.

    My life,
    fell out of my hands,
    they took it away,

    The Latest and the Last 4/5 Good closing song, ends with a real BANG!

    Get it NOW! And get The Triptych on the 25th too. Go, the reviews over…….GO!

    Posted on January 21, 2010