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  • This is an album, by FUEL, called “Sunburn”. Of course, you probably knew that BEFORE you read this. But what you might NOT have known is that FUEL, possibly my favorite band in the history of all bands that have ever been bands in history, have “re-issued” this album. This, OBVIOUSLY, means that the album has been re-released, featuring new artwork, new tracks, and of course, new little stickers all over the packaging!

    If you’re somehow familiar with the original “Sunburn” album, then you’ve basically been acquainted with this new edition. All of the original tracks are here(duh), and the new tracks include a song written for the Godizilla soundtrack, `Walk the Sky’, a fun little ditty that features Jeff Abercrombie`s bass-playing talents brilliantly, as well as a very cool vocal melody that I`ve fallen in love with, just like all FUEL songs. The other new track is an awesome song called `King for a Day’, which is a really interesting, mostly acoustic piece with some truly SICK spanish-flavored guitar playing by Carl Bell, and while Brett Scallions` vocals seem a little `edge-less’ on this song, he makes up for it at the end of the track. I’m kinda disappointed that the “Sunburn” b-side `Sunday Girl’ wasn’t included as a bonus track; it truly deserves more recognition than it gets, and I`ve love to hear the song in it`s entirety, as I`ve only heard 1 min. clips, which isn`t enough for any FUEL song.

    The artwork is much cooler than it`s original form, featuring the same Chair-man sitting in a room with a flaming floor of fire, but it’s organized a little differently with a more illustrated look about it. The Chair-man looks a little more human… rather than a tormented soul experiencing spontaneous combustion… who is now holding a sun instead of a tambourine.

    If you don’t already have this wonderful piece of plastic, there’s never been a better time to get it. Great album, great band, great music. And what else would you expect from FUEL?

    Posted on March 15, 2010