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  • Recorded in Europe on their “How To Measure A Planet” tour, “Superheat” captures all the dreamy tranquility of the Gathering while adding beautiful extended guitar solos. Anneke van Giersbergen’s operatic voice, ranging from quiet croon to full-on emotion, seems more powerful live. The opening keyboard drift of “The Big Sleep” sets the mood for the album augmented by Rene Rutten’s dense guitar chords. The elegence of Giersbergen’s voice in “Rescue Me,” the album’s best song, is wonderfully contrasted by the raw power of the guitar. Theremin adds a celestial dimension. The pounding bass piano keys in “Probably Built In The Fifties” adds weight an already imposing song. “Superheat” wisely includes “Strange Machines” from an earlier album, a song about the mystique of air travel from the point-of-view of an age long past. With influences as diverse as Daed can Dance, Slowdive, Pink Floyd and Celtic Frost, the Gathering prove that the words “metal” and “etherial” can indeed be used together in the same sentence.

    Posted on November 15, 2009