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This is quite an impressive list of today’s modern rock heroes. Limp Bizkit incorporate a sci-fi space groove into their patented rap-metal and deliver the Mission: Impossible 2 theme, ”Take a Look Around.” Former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell contributes the Led Zeppelin-influenced ”Mission 2000.” Pink Floyd’s 1975 anti-record industry classic ”Have a Cigar” is replicated and then augmented with hard-rock screams and heavy-metal guitars by the Foo Fighters and former Queen guitarist Brian May. Tori Amos’s atmospheric ”Carnival” nicely complements the straightforward hard rock of Buckcherry. Powderfinger’s ”Not My Kinda Scene” captures a lazy desert vibe, while Biff Butler navigates the generic industrial-metal wasteland with his band, Apartment 26. For over-the-top mayhem, Rob Zombie’s got the market cornered with the sonically impressive ”Scum of the Earth.” And there’s even the rarely-heard-from-these-days Butthole Surfers coming back with the restrained (for them) ”They Came In.” –Rob O’Connor

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  • I’m serious, and I like all kinds of music. This has enough meat to satisfy a variety of rock lovers. Man o man, this is good.For the biggest kick, try ‘Cage Around the Sun’. The sample on this site doesn’t do it justice, but that song turned up all the way will make dogs in your neighborhood run away. This is not only the best of Monster Magnet’s albums (which range from incredibly good to 1 or 2 good songs in a set of 10), but it’s definitely the best metal-ish album of my lifetime.The music is intense. Imagine music that drips and sits like oil and water, constantly writhing over itself with a perfect vocalist. The lyrics dance with danger, citing Greek gods, marine biology, casual drug references, and sexual fantasy. It makes you feel like a million dollars. They even cover a Hawkwind song.Big thumbs up, and I have big thumbs. If you’re at all in doubt, buy it used and write to me if you don’t like it. I’ll convince you that you’re wrong.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dirty, black savage riffs come roaring out of the speaker. At times it seems as if Monster Magnet are trying to summon up El Diablo himself, as in ‘Evil (Is Going On)’, though they never fall into that gruesome abyss of Death Metal, so beloved by … like Deicide etc. In fact, they’re capable of the odd deft tuneful touch and – gasp! – self-doubt on songs like ‘Black Balloon’, whilst the acoustic driven ‘Cage Around The Cage’ casts aside sharp sardonic observations before they erupt again. Unashamedly retro, using Sabbath, Hendrix and Twilight Zone rock, with a smattering of Eastern Promise, they nevertheless do their dark, druggy and abrasive thing like they mean it.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • as others have pointed out this record is the bridge between Spine of God and all the other mm discs thru God says No. pschyadelia is in full effect here but over songs which sound like they were written in a chop shop behind a graveyard. Cage around the Sun in one of the best MM compositions ever. it sort of distills everything they’re about, bridging creepily beautiful acid folk with ’70s monster riffs. leader dave wyndorf sounds like he’s having a blast being as comically over the top with the vocals as possible. all the songs are great, but rockers Face Down and Twin Earth are the full out treats, absolutely brilliant and decadent rock stuff. most people don’t understand that monster magnet perform their music slightly tounge in cheek. once you get this, it’s easy to get into how heavy and cool they are. superjudge, if you can deal with the slightly lo-fi production, is a classic.

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is probably my very favorite Magnet slab. The ever sickening “overproduction” mistake is not present on this album. If Monster Magnet is the space rock, stoner sound they claim, than this is a supernova of a fix. The super saturated fuzz guitars swirl, and wind around driving “groove” balanced bass lines. Cascading, dark drum fills and rythms pound out the platform for this psychedelic orgasm. Wyndorf’s vocals don’t overpower the music, but blend into this psycho-space stew like mushrooms in tea. Buy it, and prepare yourself accordingly!

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ‘Superjudge’ was Monster Magnet’s second album as they were successfully achieving to bond together two genres,space rock and heavy metal.When I FIRST recieved this CD,I thought the band had one thing in common with artists like Warrior Soul,Voivod and Jane’s Addiction in the way they had their very own signature sound.After my first listen to ‘Superjudge’,I thought MAYBE the group had a former member of Hawkwind with them.I looked at the info inside the CD’s front cover and didn’t feel all THAT silly when on my second listen,as I discovered they’d done a Hawkwind cover,mind you…of “Brainstorm”.Keep in mind this was before I became a major Hawkfan.The other disc’s ten cuts sort of reminded me of like a Jefferson Airplane-meets-Black Flag.However,it’s noted that their main influences were Hawkwind,Stooges and Sabbath.I’ve seen Monster several times now and have even hung out with guitarist/vocalist/frontman Dave Wyndorf(who’s a heck of a nice guy)twice now.The other tunes on this CD that had me nearly gasping for air were the gut-cruncher “Face Down”,”Cyclops Revolution”,the raga popster “Black Balloon” and “Dinosaur Vacume”.What a record!Highly recommended.

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now