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  • as others have pointed out this record is the bridge between Spine of God and all the other mm discs thru God says No. pschyadelia is in full effect here but over songs which sound like they were written in a chop shop behind a graveyard. Cage around the Sun in one of the best MM compositions ever. it sort of distills everything they’re about, bridging creepily beautiful acid folk with ’70s monster riffs. leader dave wyndorf sounds like he’s having a blast being as comically over the top with the vocals as possible. all the songs are great, but rockers Face Down and Twin Earth are the full out treats, absolutely brilliant and decadent rock stuff. most people don’t understand that monster magnet perform their music slightly tounge in cheek. once you get this, it’s easy to get into how heavy and cool they are. superjudge, if you can deal with the slightly lo-fi production, is a classic.

    Posted on December 21, 2009