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  • I’m serious, and I like all kinds of music. This has enough meat to satisfy a variety of rock lovers. Man o man, this is good.For the biggest kick, try ‘Cage Around the Sun’. The sample on this site doesn’t do it justice, but that song turned up all the way will make dogs in your neighborhood run away. This is not only the best of Monster Magnet’s albums (which range from incredibly good to 1 or 2 good songs in a set of 10), but it’s definitely the best metal-ish album of my lifetime.The music is intense. Imagine music that drips and sits like oil and water, constantly writhing over itself with a perfect vocalist. The lyrics dance with danger, citing Greek gods, marine biology, casual drug references, and sexual fantasy. It makes you feel like a million dollars. They even cover a Hawkwind song.Big thumbs up, and I have big thumbs. If you’re at all in doubt, buy it used and write to me if you don’t like it. I’ll convince you that you’re wrong.

    Posted on December 22, 2009