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Supersexy Swingin' Sounds

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  • When I bought this, it was really cheap and this was the only White zombie CD not in my collection so I figured, why not? Well I prepared myself to cringe, figuring Astro Creep would be butchered, since Rob Zombie’s American Made Music to Strip By had done just exactly that to Hellbilly Deluxe. Half of the Remix’s on here are not bad at all, the other half of them are not that great but none of them are nessisarily agonizing to listen to. The best one’s have been remixed by Charlie Clouser (Electric head pt. 2, More human than Human, Real Solution #9 and El Phantasmo…) The only song from Astro Creep that hasn’t been Remixed is Creature of the wheel and the reason for that I think is that that awesome sludge song would have been pretty hard to remix. So instead, the Dust Brother remixed White Zombie’s cover of K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s I’m Your Boogie Man, which was originally found on the Soundtrack for the Crow (which by the way is a really good movie). Other remixes that are not half bad include the I’ Zombie Remix and the Super Charger Remix. However remixes like those of Blur the Technicolor and Blood, Milk and Sky fall flat into annoyance. The worst remix here is by far the one for Electric Head pt. 1, in which the original was so good that it’s honestly no surprise of how bad this version is. It’s not a must have to own in your collection, only if you are a big fan of Rob Zombie and White Zombie. Get this cheap or used, and you can appreciate it a little more. As for Rob’s other remix album, don’t even bother. And as for the CD jacket, well there is no nudity but I have the sudden urge to buy a hammock. Hoped this helped.

    Posted on January 2, 2010