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  • Most recent offering from this in-your-ugly-mug New Haven, CT based hardcore metal band. Also, this was the first CD of theirs I’ve ever heard. Just caught them on tour with Type O Negative. Whew! After the show I attended, I’m honestly amazed the club’s main floor remained intact. Honestly, being in the crowd was sort of like being in a South Park episode – remember the one where Cartman and Kenny build their own tree house and the eventually end up up having a mosh party? Ha-ha! Tunes here that I thought sort of stood out were “Defeatist”, “Give Wings To My Triumph”, the h-e-a-v-y “Immortal Enemies” and “Spitting Venom”. Even though many of this disc’s cuts sounded a bit similar, I still liked what I heard. Might do a lot for fans of Unearth, Slayer, Death Threat and Killswitch Engage.

    Posted on January 23, 2010