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Suspended Animation

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  • Imagine a prog-metal alchemist with an obsession for classic Warner Brothers cartoons and old video games, pasting together a jump-cut soundtrack to a campy horror movie, and you still wouldn’t be able to conceive of this bizarre little album from Fantomas. This disc is essentially a pastiche of sonic experiments, laid out arbitrarily over 30 tracks representing each of the days in April 2005. Brutal speed metal riffs blast their way into a creepily silly soundscape of effects and samples from the aforementioned cartoons and toys, with Mike Patton’s unconventional vocal exercises working as inhuman sound effects themselves, with discernable lyrics only popping up occasionally, like in “04/10/05 Sunday.” Fantomas throws in a lot of unexpected musical ingredients amidst all this hubbub, including a melancholy mellotron melody in “04/03/05 Sunday,” mutated acid jazz in “04/02/05 Saturday” and “04/27/05 Wednesday,” chilling trance in “04/20/05 Wednesday,” and even a lullaby in “04/21/05 Thursday.” My favorite musical moment of the album is the otherworldly kid’s chorus over tribal percussion in “04/16/05 Saturday.” But while this album is relentlessly fascinating, it’s also fractured. Nothing here lasts more than about 20 seconds, and every time an interesting riff or rhythm pops up, it’s almost immediately overcome by more samples and sound effects. That makes this album a success in experimentation and construction, but a little problematic in the listenability department. However, I really doubt that anything else on Earth sounds like this, and that’s a good thing in itself. [~doomsdayer520~]

    Posted on March 7, 2010