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Suspended Animation

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  • This is the most amazing album I’ve bought this year (next to Isis’ Panopticon, which I think came out last year). Mike Patton and his most merry band of musically accomplished miscreants are at it again on ‘Suspended Animation’. It’s the insane-o-flip-out-glitch-blastbeat-Mike doing-what-he-does-best, Fantomas album I was hoping for. Much more listenable (if that’s a word) than its predecessor Delirium Cordia, which I love despite it’s radical weirdness. Lombardo’s drumming is the most impressive thing on the album, the way he ‘holds the songs together’, or better yet, the way he organizes the chaos instigated by Patton is reason enough to go out and buy a drum kit. Buzz’s guitar work is also great as usual. Amazing, amazing stuff. The things legendary albums are made of. Listen, spazz out, pick your jaw up off the floor, repeat.

    Posted on March 7, 2010