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Swallow This Live

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  • Yeah, it’s a title that Poison gave to themselves, and it fits pretty well here. Let me preface this review by saying, I am not a huge fan of Live albums anyway, but this one is exceptionally bad. Now, you can tell from my other reviews, that I am a Poison fan and not one of these random Poison bashers, but this album is DOA.

    To their credit, it really doesn’t sound like they retouched any of the tracks in the studio, and to be honest the songs themselves aren’t too bad. Pretty straightforward live versions of the studio tracks. They’re not awful, but they’re far from great. The entire CD has this awful washed out sound to it. The lowlight of the CDs, are the solos. Now, again, I’m the first to defend CC and Rikki, and if you check out my review of Power To The People you’ll know that I give out props when they’re deserved. They’re not deserved here. These solos are downright painful to endure, even as a Poison fan, they’re pretty bad.

    So is there any good news? Is there any highlight on this two disc set? Well of course there is. And it’s the four new studio tracks at the end of disc 2. `So Tell Me Why’ is a spirited high paced, high strung song about love gone bad. The timing and tone of the track is somewhat reminiscent of `Fallen Angel’, this is a song that could have been a hit. `Souls On Fire’ is a tad slower and tries for that bluesy feel that Poison had on several of the B-sides from Flesh & Blood and Open Up And Say….Ahhh! Still a solid track. `Only Time Will Tell’ is the obligatory love ballad, and it’s actually a really good one.
    Easily as good as some of their other hit ballads like `Something To Believe In’, this is probably the stand out track among the four new tracks. `No More Lookin’ Back’ definitely shows some of the direction the band would be taking on their next album, Native Tounge with their new guitarist. CC’s guitar work seems a bit disjointed on this track and the track isn’t on par with what’s to come on Native Tounge, but it is a nice little preview

    Posted on December 28, 2009