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Swedish Death Metal (3CD)

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  • This is a great thing to have in conjunction with Daniel Ekeroth’s history of the Swedish Death Metal scene. You can actually hear many of the bands discussed in the book. You will probably have some familiarity with big acts like Entombed, Grave, Dissection, and Marduk if you know anything about Swedish Death (and Black) Metal, and those bands are all adequately represented here; however, you probably have not heard band like Nirvana 2002 (no relation to the Kurt Cobain thing), and a lot these unknown bands are surprisingly good. The selection moves in roughly chronological order, in accordance with the book, beginning with early scenesters like Obscurity and Mefisto and ending with Gothenburg bands.

    If I had one complaint about this compilation, it would be that there are bands which Ekeroth discusses at length in his book which are not represented on this compilation–such as Bathory. But I suppose that he chose to forgo Bathory because those records are still in print/readily available elsewhere.

    One strength this compilation really has going for it is the sheer beauty of the packaging. It’s a three-CD digipak gatefold with artwork matching that of the book, and it comes with a little book of liner notes. Great price, too. I think it’s worth it to pay the extra two bucks and order the CD rather than just download the MP3 files.

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now